The Grounds

The castle grounds are extensive and include the Lake to the south, the Quidditch Pitch to the west, and the Forbidden Forest to the east. Aurors are stationed on the defensive ramparts and watchtowers that form the perimeter of the grounds.
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  • Lawns
    There is a wide flat lawn across the northern part of the castle grounds. Sloping lawns lead south toward the forest and border the lake. Lawns are also where you can find the Gamekeeper's Hut, greenhouses, vegetable patches, and training grounds.
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  • Quidditch Pitch
    The pitch is an elongated oval playing area with three golden hoops at each end and surrounded by spectator stands. There is a secondary pitch that is used for training; it does not have any spectator stands to protect other teams from spying.
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  • Forbidden Forest
    The forest borders the edge of the grounds; in November 2005, the northern part of the forest that leads into Hogsmeade was damaged in a fire. Other than for classes and detentions, the forest is off-limits to students, but as the forest is massive, this is almost impossible to enforce.
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  • The Great Lake
    A large body of water, the Great Lake is located to the south of Hogwarts Castle. Students have been known to swim in the lake, despite not only its cold temperature but also its many dangerous magical creatures (the Giant Squid, however, is semi-domesticated).
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