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Katie Cromwell

Katie Cromwell [wip]

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Full Name: Katie Cromwell [+ foster family surname]
Age: 11
House: Slytherin
Year: 1

In 1995, Katie was born to a couple of Death Eaters, [TBD] and [TBD] Cromwell--admittedly, not the best start in life.

However, she was orphaned in 1998 at the age of three, when both parents were killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. Her parents' will contained a list of potential guardians for her (all pureblood), however after some investigation, all were found to be either deceased, missing, or serving life sentences in Azkaban. As she had no known surviving relatives, this left her a ward of the state of Magical Britain.

In the aftermath of Voldemort's defeat, the Wizengamot voted to offer tax incentives to any families who volunteered to temporarily house and care for the newly-orphaned children. But due to the stigma surrounding her parents' allegiance to Voldemort, it would be a while before she'd find a permanent home.

While she was bounced from one temporary home to another, the Ministry liquidated her parents' estate, and put the proceeds into a trust fund for her.

[A TBD amount of time passed, during which blah blah blah]

Eventually, the [TBD] family took her into their care. (Maybe they also lost a child in the Battle of Hogwarts?) (Finalization of the adoption may or may not have happened before she was enrolled at Hogwarts; that's partly up to the other player, and we can back-date any relevant scenes. Whether she takes on the adoptive family's name before or after enrolling is also TBD.)


Face Claim: TBD, still deciding, possibly Mckenna Grace, Abigail Breslin, Lilly Aspell, or Bella Ramsey

Birthdate: Jan. 6, 1995
Birthplace: not really relevant
Hometown: Wherever the [TBD] family lives
Residence: Wherever the [TBD] family lives
Relationship status: single, she's only 11...
Blood status: pure-blood
Patronus: unknown
Boggart: unknown
Broom: not allowed to have one at school yet
Certifications/skills: none yet, she's only 11...

Family Members:
Birth Parents: [TBD] & [TBD] Cromwell
Birth Siblings: None
Foster Parents: [TBD]
Foster Siblings: [TBD]

Years attending: 2006-13
Quidditch team position: too young for Quidditch
Best class:
Worst class:
Favourite class:
Least favourite class:
O.W.L. results:

Hair/eye colour:
Any unusual physical attributes:

OOC information:
OOC username: fox
Preferred means of contact: Discord
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