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  • Kitchens
    The kitchens are in the basement, located directly below the Great Hall. The house-elves are always accommodating to students, staff and Aurors looking for a snack, however, there may be a wait; Hogwarts no longer has a full-time kitchen staff.
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  • Entrance Hall
    Located on the ground floor of Hogwarts, the Entrance Hall is the well-guarded main entrance to the castle. Many areas can be accessed via the hall, and with plenty of benches, it's a popular area for students and staff to congregate or meet.
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  • Great Hall
    Located on the ground floor off of the Entrance Hall, the Great Hall is the main gathering area in the castle and where students and staff dine three times a day and receive morning owl post. Aurors patrol during meal times and during large events such as balls, or exams.
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  • Staffroom
    Located on the ground floor, the staffroom is guarded by two talking (and occasionally rude) gargoyles, who change the password almost weekly. It is where staff and Aurors can relax in their free time, and with a long table in the middle of the room, where staff meetings are held.
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  • Corridors & Stairs
    There are a hundred and forty-two staircases at Hogwarts, including the Grand Staircase, which provides access to all seven floors. Each floor has several corridors that are patrolled by Aurors, and is home to paintings, statues, suits of armour, and secret passages.
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  • Library
    Located on the first floor, the library is where staff, students, and Aurors can peruse or check out books. With a quiet atmosphere and plenty of tables and chairs, the library is a popular study area. It is well-guarded by Aurors, who silently patrol up and down the stacks.
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  • Classrooms
    The rooms in which the various classes are taught. Each class is taught in a different room, and the location depends on the subject. Lessons can be held in many places, for example, greenhouses, towers, dungeons, the grounds and the forest.
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  • Offices
    The various offices of Hogwarts staff and Aurors. Each office will be in a different location and decorated to the individual’s taste. Every office has chambers attached or nearby that serve as private living quarters.
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  • Common Rooms & Dormitories
    The common rooms are lounge areas where students of the same House can socialize, relax, or do homework. Dormitories and bathrooms branch off of the common rooms, and students are not allowed to leave during curfew hours, which vary depending on the student’s year.
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  • Hospital Wing
    The Hospital Wing can be found on the third floor of the castle. It is where students, staff and Aurors go to have their medical needs met. The school Healer’s office and living quarters are attached, so they are always nearby in case of emergencies.
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  • Room of Requirement
    The Room of Requirement is a secret room on the seventh floor and only appears when a person is in great need of it. After walking past its location three times, a door will appear and the room will transform itself into whatever the person needs at that moment.
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  • Owlery
    The Owlery, located on the top of a tower, is a large circular stone room. In order for the owls to come and go freely, none of the windows have glass in them; it is one of the coldest rooms in the castle. The floor is strewn with straw, droppings, and mice skeletons.
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  • The Grounds
    The castle grounds are extensive and include the Lake to the south, the Quidditch Pitch to the west, and the Forbidden Forest to the east. Aurors are stationed on the defensive ramparts and watchtowers that form the perimeter of the grounds.
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