A Harry Potter Play-by-Post RPG

Who's Who?



All characters need their own account. Character accounts should be your character's First and Last name. Middle names/initials are optional.
All members need an OoC Account. Create an OoC account with the name of your choice.

* See How Linked Accounts Work for more detail.

We do not allow canon characters. Distant relatives of canon characters may be considered.
We allow unlimited Hogwarts Students, Magical Adults, Muggles, and Squibs.
The following character types are limited to 3 per player: Animagi, Legilimens, Metamorphmagi, Part-Giants, Part-Veela, Parseltongues, Seers, and Werewolves.

Write in the past tense, third person for IC threads between players.
There's no word count, but provide enough material for the other player to work from.
All characters that are involved in sexual content must be 18 or older. If not, fade to black.

Use the default font colour. Your character's dialogue can be in a different colour, but the colour needs to be visible in both Light and Dark mode.
Mark threads as reserved if you want a specific person to join. Threads that are not marked are open to anyone.
Ask permission to join any roleplay that is already in progress (2 or more players). You can tag the players on Discord or make an OoC post on the thread.

There's no activity requirement, but members will be archived after 2 months of OoC inactivity. Archived members are welcome to come back at any time, no questions asked.
Unless a leave of absence has been requested, character claims will be re-opened after 3 months of inactivity. Re-opened character claims will be restored if they are still available upon the player's return.
Accounts that have not posted an application within 1 month of joining will be deleted. You are welcome to rejoin at any time.

Universal RPG Rating
RPG Rating 3 3 3
Language 3: Swearing and mature language is permitted without limit.
Sexual Content 3: Sexual content described in detail is permitted.
Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted.